Monday, January 11, 2021

Theme: All the Activities

 Hi Gardeners.

Last time in garden class, we made Garden Activity Containers where we brainstormed different garden-themed movements, wrote them on small pieces of paper, and added them to a container.

Then, we chose one out at random and all did an exercise together to keep us warm, flowing, and active.

Here is the Great Big List of ALL the ideas that students came up with last week (totally random, in no particular order!):

10 arm vine stretches

40 bear hand shakes

30 growing branches

20 start poses

20 tree stars

1 minute windy tree pose

10 second stem massage

10 apple picks

5 water cycle arm circles

10 second strawberry dab

20 second avocado curl

2 minute tree pose

Bean stretch

10 sprouting squats

10 sunflower stretches

10 Earth spins

5 cycle circles

20 star poses

9 water-jacks

30 second sun pose

5 minute tree pose

40 flower poses

10 mushroom arm openings

20 time lapse squats

30 second flower "4" pose

5 plant part flows

10 plant part stretches

Dead Bug pose

10 fruit victory shakes

Giant arm circles (picking vegetables)

Scavenger Hunt! Find a plant part!

20 jumping jack-fruits

5 bud-flower poses

10 seconds buzzing bees

30 popcorn jumps

20 lemon stretches (lay down, touch toes)

20 banana peel stretches

20 seconds caterpillar arms

10 rabbit jumps

Bee bundle

1 minute zombie apple tree

20 avocado jumps

10 radish squats

10 water cycle shoulder circles

5 jumping lemons

2 minute banana stand

10 onion squats

10 seconds dead plant pose

10 seconds popcorn popping

20 trunk twists

1 minute pumpkin squat stretch

15 persimmon-pick jumps

30 bend over strawberry picks cross body

10 reaching vines

Straight vine stretch

30 seconds fruit flapping

Silly seed squat

Banana back bend

Broccoli side stretch

30 seconds gravity bend

10 seed sprouting squats

11 tummy rubs

10 slow tea orbits

30 venus fly trap jumping jacks

20 waterfall back bends

5 caterpillar crunches

20 cilantro leaf shakes

10 cactus twists

10 soil scoops

10 windmills

100 second sun pose

10 carrot jumps

20 seed squats

10 seconds caterpillar wiggle

15 spinach squats

12 turtle bends

Seal pose

5 grasshopper jumps

10 daffodil pushups

20 full oranges (giant arm circles)

25 chili pepper jumps

15 seconds soil rest

30 cross body lemon pick stretch

20 plum jumps

1 minute branches out sun pose

16 apple chomps

15 squirrel toes dig

30 grass waves in the wind

Scorpion pose

25 plum tree climbers

9 river jumps

25 cross arm strawberry picks bottom-top

10 star jumps

Draw a plant

20 second wide branches tree pose

1 minute paddle arms

10 worm bends

15 seconds cucumber stretch

20 kale jumps

25 pomegranate opposite arm/leg crunches

*Have fun doing these activities outside, inside, in the kitchen, in the garden, or wherever you can! 

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Theme: Warm in the Winter!

 Happy New Year, Everyone, Everywhere!

I hope everyone has been able to enjoy the darkness of the Northern Hemisphere and cozy up with some tea and citrus!

In the school garden, things look Wintery - cover crops are sprouting and the soil is wet from the rain we've been getting in the Bay Area!

*This week, we are making "Garden Movement Containers," where we creatively come up with garden-themed movements and pull one out at random for everyone to do.

To make your Container:

- Use any container (box, bag, jar, etc)

- Cut paper into small pieces

- Write (or draw) your own garden-themed movements and place them in the box

- Choose one and enjoy some movements during these cold Winter days!

I will compile the "master list" of garden-themed movements and add them to the blog as each class invents more!

In the meantime, try 20 "trunk twists," 5 "caterpillar crunches," or 25 "jumping jackfruits!" Maybe some "water cycle arm circles?"

Have fun and stay warm!


Monday, December 21, 2020

Branching Out!

 Happy Solstice, everyone!

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Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Theme: The Solstice!

 Hello Everyone, everywhere!

I have really been noticing the daylight and darkness lately, have you? 

*The day with the least amount of sunlight (in the Northern Hemisphere) is soon, on December 21st - it's the Winter Solstice

When I wake up, it's still dark outside and when I finish school, it's already starting to get dark.

*We learned about the Earth's tilt, changing seasons, and how the amount of sunlight affects our garden. 

You may have also been noticing how animals are getting ready for Winter...

*Some animals migrate - they move to another place to find food more easily:

Canada Geese (and many birds) migrate. 

*Some animals hibernate - they sleep through the cold season, living off of body fat and food stores until warmer weather arrives:

*In Berkeley, because our weather is so mild, and it doesn't get very cold, many of our animals brumate - they sleep and their metabolism slows WAY down:
San Francisco Garter Snakes go into brumation in the winter!

*And some animals stay the same - they continue to go out and look for food, eating more, and putting on some extra weight to keep them warm:
Squirrels and deer remain active throughout the year, unfortunately eating plants out of the garden!

Activity: Keep a checklist of all of the wildlife you see during break.
Divide it up by type of animal: 
Reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals.
What animals would you like to see outside?
Where do you need to go to see those animals?

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Theme: Once Upon a Food Chain

 Greetings Gardeners!

We've been studying soil, cycles, and seasons for much of the Fall.

These are essential themes in our garden...and in life!

Energy moves from the sun, to plants, to animals, and back into the soil through the NUTRIENT CYCLE (compost, rot, decomposition).

*We can observe how energy moves through ecosystems in food chains and food webs!

"Predator and prey, producers and decay are in the food chain, CHAIN CHAIN!"

What role do YOU play in the food chain?
Where have you seen decomposition and decay?

Activity: Draw the organisms of a garden (or other ecosystem!) on a piece of paper. 
How are they connected? 
Connect them together with arrows!

*Everything is connected!*
Please enjoy this story, "Once Upon a Jungle," by Laura Knowels and James Boast

*How are you interdependent on the plants and animals around you?

Theme: All the Activities

  Hi Gardeners. Last time in garden class, we made Garden Activity Containers where we brainstormed different garden-themed movements, wrote...